One for every one


“ame” is Japanese for “ rain.”

But with the passage of time, change of season, and shifts in weather,

rain changes its form, making every encounter with ame unique.


The ame falls on a lush forest, forms a river, flows to the sea,

rises as a cloud, and once again, falls from the sky to complete its

enduring cycle, supporting life across the whole of the Earth.


We at ame wish to take plastic waste, a renewable resource,

and breathe new life into it with the ingenuity of craftsmanship.

ame is an aesthetically-minded craft brand rooted in

handmade pieces, each a unique work of art.


“Turning waste into worth” – so that it may never be waste again.

Perhaps you will discover a creation that speaks to you. We hope

that your encounter will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience as unique

as the many forms that “ame” assumes in the natural environment.



Inspiration is rooted in exceptional technique.

The hand of a craftsman and the eye of the artist work together

to bring unique pieces to life that gently color our daily lives.


Exceptional craftsmen transform products into works of art.

True beauty must pass the highest standards of quality.

Find a piece that stuns your senses, and speaks to your

heightened aesthetic consciousness.


We view renewable plastics as a resource of the natural environment.

It’s time to transform plastic waste, the by-products of manufacture and

daily life, into something beautiful. If what we create is not gentle

to mother Earth, then we should be creating something else.